I'm making a record called "Appalachia - American Stories". I started working on it in 2018, not long after I released "Dust Bowl - American Stories." Like that album, this is a theme album, but it's more personal to me because my family is from here. Central Appalachia is set in the hills of West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, the western part of Virginia and the Carolinas. My mama was born in Hazard, Kentucky, like her mama before her, and going back 10 generations. The beauty of the land is undeniable. The music that came from here is what I write today. What we call Country and Bluegrass came from here. Instruments like the dulcimer and the banjo took their uniquely American forms here. Singular voices like Bill Monroe, The Carter Family, Larry Cordle, Ralph Stanley... This is the music and the heritage of our country.

We came mostly from Scotland and Ireland in the 1700s. The isolation of the hills were a siren song to us, beckoning. Appalachians are fiercely independent people. For a hundred years there has been ridicule and stereotypes about ignorant hillbillies, clan wars and the like. That's not fair. Appalachians are good, hard working  people. They're real Americans. Of course there are problems, as there are with every part of America. The hills can also breed isolation and loneliness, and cut folks off from the rest of society. I know that. But I also know that this is a magnificent land with kind-hearted folks. I will celebrate them and their mountains in my songs.

Do you want to come along with me on the journey? I promise that you won't be sorry that you did. I spent three years writing Dust Bowl, and I've already spent that on Appalachia. Let's celebrate our culture and our fellow man in song and spirit. Let's make something great together that we can all be proud of.


These are not finished recordings, but demos that I have been making in my own studio. This is part of my writing process. When the writing is done and I have enough money we will go to the studio and do the real recordings. But these samples will give you a clear idea of where I'm going with this album!

Who's helping me...

  • Steve Adams - California

  • Sam Colwell - Virginia

  • Matthew Cummiskey - Rhode Island

  • Dale Enstrom - California

  • Giuseppe Brai - Italy

  • Wilbert Lively - West Virginia

  • Lou Lollio - California

  • Eddie Minyard - New Hampshire

  • Ian Nash - Australia

  • Jack McGarry - Florida

  • Jeanne Acquaviva - France

  • Joshua Geno - Canada

  • Maria MacAskill - Scotland

  • Robert Phillips - California

  • Melania Leis - Massachusetts

  • Cindy Pruitt - Texas

  • Leticia Rodriguez - Texas

  • Dorothy Schmedinghoff - California

  • Nadia Shpachenko - California

  • Ross Scott Manley - UK (No. Ireland)

  • Matthew Slack-Smith - Australia

  • Kelly Triplett - Colorado

  • Danaë Vlasse - California

  • Beverly Warren - Texas

  • Mariea Watkins - Florida

  • Ruth Weber - California

  • Eddie Minyard - New Hampshire

  • Nick Pasyanos - Rhode Island

  • Felix Girard - Nevada

  • Jeanne Stappas - Rhode Island

  • Sonia & Mark Balthazor - California

  • Tyler Johnson - Michigan

  • Tucker D’Abrosca - Florida

  • David S Goldman - New York

  • Stephen Tomporowski - Connecticut

  • Alan Storeygard - Arkansas

  • Dr. John Turco - Rhode Island

  • Dr. Kerry Evers - Rhode Island

  • Linda Smith - Florida

All of the folks listed here have pre-ordered this album, so they will be getting it when it comes off the press, before anyone else. The money that these pre-orders generates is what will help me to finance the cost of making the record.

Their names will be in the liner notes of the record. Forever. They will be part of this album until the end of time. If you'd like to have your name here, too - and get a signed, first edition copy of the album when it comes out in 2020 or 2021, please help me make it. It only takes a few moments to do something that will last forever.

To be part of this journey, and to get your name on the album and receive a signed copy of it, please pre-order it from my shop, and I will do the rest!

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