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Grant has written several award-winning Children's books, based on his songs of the same names. You can order autographed copies of his books right here, which he will personally sign and mail to you. These make the perfect gifts for children and grandchildren from 3 to 9 years old.


Based on Grant's song of the same name, Fly Possum Fly is a charming story of possums coming to rescue. One Christmas Eve Rudolph got sick and couldn't go on. A dash of Santa magic and the true-blue possums could fly! They pulled Santa's sleigh, delivering presents to boys and girls around the world and saving Christmas.


"A diverse Christmas story that will be loved across generations for its uniqueness and simple humor ... provides opportunities for audience participation with run repeated verses ... informative possum facts, and a chance to demonstrate open reading with a twang."

~ Diane Marx, 2018 Virginia Reading Teacher of the Year

"Who doesn't love possums? Fly Possum Fly is a fun book with charming illustrations that will entertain readers of all ages."

~ Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, host of NPR's The 90-Second Naturalist, and author.

"I loved it! The pictures are really cool, but my favorite part of the book is the Possum Facts! I learned so many new things about these marsupials."

~ Daliyah Marie Arana (aged 7), children's literary advocate; featured on CBS, ABC and NBC News, and NBC's Little Big Shots TV show.

Mom's Choice Awards Gold Winner!

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The follow-up to the wildly successful Fly Possum Fly, this all new book uses cute and funny possums to teach children that they can be anything that they set their minds to in their lives. Architect? Airline Pilot? Truck Driver? Construction Worker? Artist? The possumbilities really are endless, as shown by our possum friends in a very humorous way.


“My acting career started at the tender age of two, and like this delightful story, I was always encouraged by my parents to follow my heart, be a kid and play. Yes, the 'possumbilities' are endless! Dreams truly can come true!”
~ Jerry Mathers, actor and spokesperson for Diabetes prevention and management; author of …And Jerry Mathers as “The Beaver”

“A charming book that answers everyone’s question when young, ‘What will I be?’ Grant makes it a family affair with wise answers from relatives: take time to be you! Excellent illustrations and musical rhymes - I wanted to sing the text!”
~ Kathy Garver, actress (“Cissy” on the classic CBS sitcom “Family Affair”); author of “Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood”

“This is a great book, with a wonderful message—inspiring and ideal for young readers, just like me.”
~ Alina Morse, age 14; CEO and Creator of Zolli® Candy, the all-natural candy that cleans your teeth; as seen on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

“One night the stars so completely enthralled me that I knew I had to be an astronomer. I dove in, learned all I could, and never gave up on that vision. ‘The Possumbilities Are Endless’ is a book that will inspire children to ‘keep looking up!’”
~ Dean Regas, Astronomer, Co-host of “Star Gazers” on PBS, author of Facts From Space! and 100 Things to See in the Night Sky

“I attribute much of my success and interest in learning to my parents reading to me as a child. The Possumbilities Are Endless does an inspiring job teaching kids, myself included, that no matter who they are, they can be anything.”
~ Rachel Seevers, age 18; winner of the 2019 Regeneron Science Talent Search, for designing a new kind of airplane wing; advocate for more females in science, technology, engineering and math


Creative child preferred choice Winner!

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