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Coming in mid-2024, the third album in the Billboard Top 10 and multiple award-winning AMERICAN STORIES series of theme albums from Grant Maloy Smith. An hour of music spanning 16 songs that explore the truth and mythos of America's most famous river, from top to bottom. This amazing natural resource starts in Minnesota and traverses the continent to pour into the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists have recently learned that the Mississippi began flowing 70 millions years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. More recently, Native peoples have lived along the river for thousands of years. They plied her waters on canoe for transportation, and drew fish and water from her bounty. The arrival of Europeans in the 17th century changed everything, of course. The events of the last 200 or even 1000 years are only a blink of an eye compared to the life of the Mississippi.


The river was named by the native peoples, including the Ojibwe who called it the “great river” or “gathering of waters." The Dakota and Ojibwe coexisted by the river for centuries. The river was critical infrastructure for the nascent USA, serving as its most important mode of transportation of goods and people through the 18th century. Riverboats and flatboats carried goods from the north down to the port of New Orleans. Steamboats arrived and drastically increased how much could be transported, and how fast. It became an existential resource when the US Civil War came, as control of the Mississippi would determine which side would win. But the river was wild at times, subject to devastating flooding that could demolish whole cities in a few hours, or turn thousands of acres of land into lakes. There is a romance to the river as captured by Mark Twain and others that goes hand in hand with the reality of her enormous power. More than 2,300 miles long, her watershed drains from 32 American states and two provinces of Canada.

The Book

Grant has written and designed a large coffee table book to accompany the album. He describes the backstories behind the songs, putting them into context with history, and describing parts of the writing and recording process. It is filled with amazing photographs and artwork for all of songs. This is a powerful part of the album and something that you will want to have forever.

With this album Grant paints a picture in song of this history, from the native peoples to the 20th century. MISSISSIPPI: AMERICAN STORIES will be released in mid-2024. Please enter your email below to be notified when it become available.

Thanks! We will keep you posted on MISSISSIPPI: AMERICAN STORIES.

MISSISSIPPI: american stories

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Produced and Mixed by:
Grant Maloy Smith,
Suburban Cowboy Studio, Rhode Island
Mastered by:

Chuck Ebert, The Cabin Recording Studio, Azle, Texas

Additional Recording at:
Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee
Palette Studio MSP, Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Butcher Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana

Performers (alphabetically):

Barney Floyd • Trumpet
Chris Butcher • Trombone
Grant Maloy Smith • Vocals, Guitars, Dulcimer, Pianos, C-3 Organ
Jeff Taylor • Accordion, Pennywhistle
Jim Spake • Baritone Saxophone
John Garland • Bass Guitar
Judy Pancoast • Background Vocals
Kimberly Fleming • Background Vocals
Lannie McMillan • Tenor Saxophone
Mark Franklin • Trumpet
Matt Combs
• Fiddle, Cello, Mandolin

Mike Johnson • Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel

Pasha Karchevsky • Flugelhorn
RJ Gorham • French Horn

Rob Ickes • Dobro
Paul Sam • Drums
Scott Vestal • Banjo
Wade Smith • Baritone Saxophone

Note - this list of performers is not complete.
Recording is on-going, and additional credits will be added here as we get them.

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