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Appalachia: american stories


PRESS: please download the album one sheet


APPALACHIA is one of the most beautiful places in North America, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. With this album Grant has tried to capture the essence of the people and the culture of the region. He tackles head-on issue like the rise and fall of coal, and today's terrible opioid problem. But it's also filled with humor, faith and family - the abiding nature of Appalachian people. The hills and hollers are the perfect metaphor for the ups and downs of life itself. The hills are patient. Eternal. Enjoy a musical journey through this amazing place.

You can order physical copies right here, or digital downloads from Apple Music. Signed physical copies, which include an 11x11 inch (28 x 28 cm) 40-page book are available exclusively from this website, and from Grant at his shows. It's a beautiful boxed set containing the book plus either an LP and CD, or a CD without the LP. Grant even includes a little bit of West Virginia coal, and other goodies, with each order.

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THE ULTIMATE BOXED SET. A beautiful box printed with the artwork on all sides, plus the 40-page book, and the music on both a 180g vinyl LP, and a music CD.


Same as above except without the vinyl LP.

JUST THE BOOK. For those who perhaps bought the digital album from Apple or Amazon Music. This 40-page 11" x 11" book is the perfect companion to the album. Not only does it include the lyrics and credits as you would expect, it also tells the tale of each song, with a special emphasis on their historical and cultural significance.


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