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Grant has appeared in films as an actor, and he has also scored a variety of films. He has also produced, written, directed and edited his multiple music videos (see his YouTube channel). Here are his most recent projects, and be sure to check out his IMDB profile. You can also download his one sheet using the link at the bottom of this page.


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In addition to writing the song "I Come From America," which was featured prominently in the pivotal competition scene at climax of the movie, Grant performed on stage at the historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield where the film was shot, and had a small speaking role as "Brady Cooper."


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one little finger (2020)


Grant wrote and recorded the song "Standing Up," which was used twice in this heartfelt film about differently-abled young people and their teacher's quest to allow them to express themselves with music.

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You can listen to a broad selection of source and score cues composed by Grant using the Soundcloud player here.

Grant has scored thrillers and action features like CODE OF ETHICS, starring Oscar winner Melissa Leo, SERIAL INTENTIONS, and PRAY FOR POWER.

He has also scored dramas like PLEDGING ALEGIANCE, and SOLITAIRE, and comedies like BAD HAIR DAY and A BRIDGE TOO FAR.

He has even scored horror movies and a musical for which he wrote the book and music, like THE MOB: A MUSICAL.

Grant is a versatile composer who is often called upon to write and record "sounds like" source cues for various films, in the styles of Tony Bennett, The Beatles, smooth jazz, and everything in between.

Download GRANT'S one sheet

PDF file of music film and TV one-sheet

Simply click the Acrobat logo to download a PDF file to your computer.

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