Cahokia Winds

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More than 1000 years ago, The Cahokia Native Americans built a large and powerful civilization in the Mississippi River valley, including enormous mounds whose purpose is still shrouded in mystery. And then suddenly they disappeared, and no one knows why. Kevin Lucas wrote a powerful song about these proud people. Then he teamed with Grant Maloy Smith to produce the song and video. They went to the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and filmed, right beside the same waters that the Cahokia plied for generations. They even filmed at the precipice of Wolf Rock in nearby southern Illinois, in order to make the most authentic video possible. There's no green screen here - everything was shot on location.

Please watch the video and consider Kevin Lucas' CAHOKIA WINDS (feat. Grant Maloy Smith) in this year's Grammy® awards. And please let us know what you think!


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A marimba and percussion musical prodigy since an early age, Kevin went on to earn two bachelors degrees in music, and then a master’s degree in percussion performance from Southern Illinois University. He won the Illinois State University and the Southern Illinois University classical solo concerto contests, and performed with both orchestras as a marimba soloist, competing against internationally acclaimed players.  In 1997, he placed second in the United States in concert hall style solo percussion at the collegiate level in the Music Teachers National Association Collegiate Competition, defeating international champions from China and Russia.

Kevin Lucas

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Grant Maloy Smith

Grant's music has spent more than four months on the Billboard charts. His album DUST BOWL: AMERICAN STORIES spent 11 weeks in the top 10. He has also charted on the MusicRow Country Breakout charts. He has performed at Carnegie Hall twice, Lincoln Center, and countless other venues. He has won two GRAMMY® certificates for his work on Grammy nominated and winning albums. His latest album, APPALACHIA: AMERICAN STORIES, has received rave reviews, and has just released a Christmas album.

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"Country singer/songwriter Grant Maloy Smith joins master percussionist Kevin Lucas of the Kevin Lucas Experience to celebrate the memory of the lost people known as the Cahokias. Mysteriously disappearing from their homeland in what is now Central Illinois, their contribution to civilization in the Americas had literally gone unsung until now. Listen and revel in this percussion soaked tune 'Cahokia Winds' and honor true American history."
~ R J Lannan, Artisan Music reviews

After making this video, Kevin was contacted by the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society, who wrote:

"This is a wonderful piece of work! We're so pleased that Cahokia could inspire you, and that you will continue to be inspired. We are honored by this song!"

~ The Cahokia Mounds Museum Society


"Cahokia Winds" has been released on all major platforms. The video is available here and on YouTube, among other places. We hope you will consider Kevin Lucas' CAHOKIA WINDS (feat. Grant Maloy Smith) for BEST MUSIC VIDEO in this year's Grammy® awards. And please let us know what you think – our email links are below. We would love to learn about your submissions as well!

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