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Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
Scarborough Fair (Reprise)
Grant Maloy Smith & Kevin Lucas

This video has been deleted.

Billboard Top 10 Americana artist Grant Maloy Smith joins forces with Marimba master Kevin Lucas to create a whole new version of the 18th century love song, “Scarborough Fair.” Grant updated the lyrics of this bittersweet song, and added a chorus to bring it up to date. The duo went into the studio and created a lush version that builds from a beautiful acoustic beginning to a powerful rock/orchestral finish. The track was produced and mixed by Grant at Suburban Cowboy Studio.

The song is entered this year for:

Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals

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Please listen below, or scroll down a little farther to see the video.

Scarborough Fair (Reprise)Grant Maloy Smith & Kevin Lucas
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From The Artists

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“I loved this song since I heard the Simon and Garfunkel version as a child. I didn’t understand the lyrics then, but I was entranced by the melody. I didn’t know it had been written in the 1700s. Except for the first verse, which is perfect, the other verses are about the man giving his woman a series of increasingly impossible tasks to win him back. I changed that around to be more modern, and wrote an original chorus to imply the rest of the story. My favorite part of shooting the video was playing the lead guitar in the cemetery wearing my black duster. Kevin named me ‘Hillbilly Slash.' LOL!”


“Musically speaking, I wanted to remake Scarborough Fair because I thought it fit Grant's passionate style and voice like a glove, as well as being a perfect fit for my haunting percussion style. On a personal note, the song reminded me of both a former girlfriend of mine passing away, as well as the loss of my mother within a year. My second marimba solo reflect the image of my mom right after she passed. I couldn't record at all until my engineer said to me, 'Just channel what you are feeling into the solo’.”

Publicity by Gloria Domina, 13 Butterflies Productions

See The Video

Grant and Kevin shot a gorgeous video on an island in Rhode Island, using a combination of drones and conventional cameras. The video has garnered more than 100,000 views on YouTube since its August 4, 2023 release. The song has also been played more than 100,000 times on Spotify and other streaming services.

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