Grant Maloy Smith is a singer/songwriter of American Roots music - a blend of old country, bluegrass, folk and Celtic influences into a uniquely American genre. His songs tell stories and paint pictures with words. Originally from Jacksonville Florida, Grant heard the strains of bluegrass from his Kentucky-born and raised Grandmother, and it got into his blood. His current album is the critically acclaimed Yellow Trailer, a collection of amazing songs that will take you on an invigorating ride through the fabled American south. His upcoming album is called Dust Bowl, and every song is set squarely in the Great Plains of the 1930's, during the worst economic and environmental disaster that America has ever seen.

Your Fire

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Yellow Trailer

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Where Main St Ends

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Always A Way

Old Black Roller

Grant is a member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys®), and is actively involved in numerous Academy activities.
He is also an advocate for women's rights, especially in countries where girls and women are being kidnapped ... and worse.
He is affiliated with the performing rights organization BMI.
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Main photograph by Christian de Rezendes
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