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Grant is a voting member of the CMA (County Music Association), the Texas County Music Association, and NARAS (The GRAMMYS®).

American Roots Singer-Songwriter Grant Maloy Smith

Who Is Grant?

Grant Maloy Smith® is a Billboard Top 10 recording artist and MusicRow CountryBreakout charting songwriter of AMERICAN ROOTS music. His theme albums have received rave reviews, including:

“If you took a few ounces of Willie Nelson and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, mixed them carefully, Grant Maloy Smith would appear ...One day we’ll be talking about how Grant Maloy Smith is a national treasure – like John Prine.”
~ John Apice, Americana Highways

His album, DUST BOWL: AMERICAN STORIES, spent 17 weeks on the Billboard charts, including eleven weeks in the Top 10. Grant made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2018 and has won numerous awards, including two Grammy® certificates. He performed at Lincoln Center in 2021 and Carnegie Hall for a second time in 2022.

Grant's passion is bringing American history (including our native peoples) and culture to life with his music. So far, his AMERICAN STORIES series of albums has captured the essence of the Dust Bowl, Appalachia, and the Mississippi River.

He will release his third American Stories series album in 2024, about the influence of the mighty Mississippi River on American culture.

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Supporting Women, Veterans, Our Elders, and Indie Musicians

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Grant supports: the fair treatment of women everywhere.

Grant is also a huge advocate for our veterans. His song "Man Of Steel" is the official theme song of the National Veterans Foundation.

Grant believes that our oldest citizens should be treated with dignity and respect. His song "I See You" the the official theme song of Masterpiece Living, a multi-discipline organization that supports them.

Grant is the co-founder of the Indie Collaborative, a group that supports and advocates for independent musicians all over the world.

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In This Twilight
Grant Maloy Smith

In This Twilight

From the album APPALACHIA: AMERICAN STORIES, this is one man's story about going through cold turkey withdrawal from opioids. Every year millions of Americans become addicted to opioids after receiving legal prescriptions. Our medical system has very few resources to help these people, not to mention those who intentionally use opioids and are then unable to stop. Withdrawal is a terrible experience. You want to tear your own skin off. Insomnia. Chills. Fever. Crying, and the inability to stop it. An emotional roller coaster accompanied by intense physical pain. The insomnia makes it worse, careening its victims into madness and thoughts of hopelessness, and even suicide. It's worse than you can imagine. There is a huge opioid problem in America. The main ingredients of opioids like fentanyl are produced in China and smuggled to Mexico, where the drug cartels turn them into pills, which they then smuggle into America across our porous southern border. According to the NIH, in 2021 alone more than 82,000 Americans were killed by opioids. That's 30,000 more Americans than were killed throughout the entire Vietnam war. We are dying by the tens of thousands every year from his scourge. This problem is especially bad in impoverished parts of America like Appalachia, which have suffered greatly. Appalachia is one of the most naturally beautiful places in our country, with some of the most wonderful people in the world. This juxtaposition makes this situation even more tragic. We need to do something about it. This album is available on the artist's website, in a vinyl box set with a 40 page book that accompanies it and a CD, or just the boxed set, book and CD, or just as a CD. Please visit: It is also available digitally on the artist's website as well as on Apple Music/iTunes and Amazon Music. 10. “In This Twilight” 4:55 ISRC USBAE2095908 Musical Credits: Co-produced by Grant Maloy Smith and Jeff Silverman Mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman, Palette Music, Nashville Vocal, Guitar and Bass by Grant Maloy Smith Dobro by Rob Ickes Steel Guitar by Mike Johnson Cello by Tim Lorsch Bouzouki by Frances Cunningham Words and music © 2020 Grant Maloy Smith All rights reserved Video Credits: Video Produced and Edited by Grant Maloy Smith Video © 2023 by Grant Maloy Smith Piano composition over the closing credits composed and performed by Grant Maloy Smith music and arrangement © 2023 Grant Maloy Smith All rights reserved
Songs about being together  - We'll Stay Together - Grant Maloy Smith and the Indie Collaborative
Grant Maloy Smith

Songs about being together - We'll Stay Together - Grant Maloy Smith and the Indie Collaborative

We'll Stay Together by American Roots songwriter and performer Grant Maloy Smith - featuring the Indie Collaborative 100 of the 2000 members of the Indie Collaborative have come together to create a global event! The song "We'll Stay Together" was written by Billboard Top 10 singer/songwriter Grant Maloy Smith. Indie Collab live music showcases and concerts from Hollywood to Carnegie Hall in New York have featured this song as the closing number. Now here it is presented in video form. More than 70 artists contributed music and vocals to the track, produced by Grant. And 30 more contributed to the video itself. The IC is made up of professional musicians and industry people working in every musical genre, and from all around the globe. This video features IC members from numerous countries across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The artists recorded their own parts in sync with the song, from their own studios, backyards, etc during the COVID-19 lock-down. Grant then mixed into single track representing the depth and breadth of IC musicians. Are you a musician or industry person who is serious about their craft? Please join the Indie Collaborative today at - there is no cost to join! We'll Stay Together © words and music Grant Maloy Smith It's a high road But a long one that we're on Abd there's good folks a-plenty Who've cried and turned around Still we drive on Through the twists and turns we go When the sun gives way to darkness We've got one more show We'll stay together forever and ever We'll stay together all the way And we'll love one another 'cause we're sisters and we're brothers We'll stay together forever and a day We got guitars and keys of every type We got strings and brass and woodwinds to play on through the night And we're different - like a million shining stars We give the world our music From all our beating hearts We'll stay together forever and ever We'll stay together all the way And we'll love one another 'cause we're sisters and we're brothers We'll stay together forever and a day CREDITS: Grant Maloy Smith: Vocal, Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano Trevor Sewell: Electric Guitar Ricky Persaud, Jr.: Vocal, Electric Guitar Annemarie Picerno: Vocal Dana Cohenour: Vocal Damian Wyldes: Vocal Bill Reid: Vocal Caesar Elloie: Vocal David S. Goldman: Vocal Jim Thorne: Vocal Isabella Bazler: Vocal Carolyn Striho: Vocal Juliet Lyons: Vocal Kim Cameron: Vocal Sam Millar: Vocal Betsy Walter: Vocal Frank Cisco Steel: Vocal Juan Francisco Zerpa: Vocal Val Smalkin: Vocal Mariea Watkins: Vocal Studeo: Vocal NastiGi: Vocal Paula Maya: Vocal Amanda Abizaid: Vocal Papa Tom McCaffrey: Piano Dale Edward: Vocal The Infinite Seas: Vocal Leti Garza: Vocal Brenda Best: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar Yocontalie Jackson: Vocal, Percussion Eric Behrenfeld: Percussion Neddy Smith: Vocal Mike Greenly: Vocal Shaskika Mooruth: Vocal Pekkanini: Theramin Laura Ainsworth: Vocal Kathryn Shipley: Vocal Jeff Hyman: Vocal Mar Harman: Vocal Mary Lemanski: Vocal EJ Ouelette: Vocal, Mandolin Susan Picking: Vocal Ban Banerjee: Vocal Mia Moravis: Vocal Alan Storeygard: Piano Izzie: Vocal Dorie Pride: Vocal Elaine Romanelli: Vocal Rondi Marsh: Vocal Zan Asante: Vocal RpT: Vocal Brewer Shettles: Acoustic Guitar Mike Surratt: Accordion Imran Ahmed: Electric Guitar Noshir Mody: Electric Guitar Jim Ottaway: Keyboard COPUS: Vocal Cecil Parker: Vocal Kevin Lucas: Marimba Louis Caimano: Saxophone Christian Fabian: Upright Bass Louis Tanner: Drums Max Highstein: Saxophone Susanne Grzanna: Saxophone Sam Hankins: Trumpet Ryan VanDenBoom: Vocal Jerome Brooks, Jr: Piano, Vocal John Ludwig: Vocal Jill Ludwig: Vocal Duette: Vocal David Hansen: Vocal Julia Santana: Vocal Charlene Chamberlain: : Vocal, Piano Antonio Vergaro: Vocal Laura Campisi: Vocal Danaë Vlasse: Vocal Kelly Triplett: Vocal Jeff Silverman: Vocal Debra Lyn: Vocal Thomas Hutchings: Vocal Dana Halle: Vocal MOTU: Lap Steel Guitar, Vocal Deuandra Brown: Vocal Kitt Wakeley: Keyboard Dorian Medd: Vocal Thomas Hutchings: Vocal Produced by Grant Maloy Smith Mastered by Jeff Silverman, Palette MSP, Nashville, TN #Indiemusic #indiemusician #indiemusicians
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