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MusicRow Charts

Grant’s song “I Reckon” debuted on the MusicRow Country Breakout charts at #80 on October 24, 2019. The song was cut by Country artist Jeff Clayborn, and produced by Grammy® winning producer Chuck Ebert at Cabin Records. The track was recorded in Nashville and at The Cabin, Chuck’s award-winning studio in Azle, Texas. it features some of Nashville’s best session players.

Week #1 it was #80 … in week #2 the song moved up to #76, then to 74, 71, 64 and then  in week #6 up to 61.

A veteran of the Billboard charts, this is Grant’s first song on the MusicRow charts, and he couldn’t be more excited about it. The MusicRow CountryBreakout charts are derived from what a large group of very influential Country stations are playing all around the USA.

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